IronMan, Volume 13 Number 6

Table of Contents

Editorial - Judging the Mr America ContestPeary Rader5
Report on a New SystemPeary Rader6
Are You Muscle Bound?David Martin10
The Lifting Game - Does it Need Reorganization?12
The Floor PulleyVern Bickel14
The Wrestlers Bridge PressPeter B Cortese17
Experimence on Bench Press VariationsDon Dorans18
Will He Make a World Record Bent Press?21
The Sequence System Brings Amazing ResultsBruce Page22
Protein - Facts, Not FictionVern Bickel24
Forgotten MenD M Lewis26
How To Own and Operate Your Own GymPeary Rader28
Making Mucles PayR B Goodward30
Readers Roundup35
Vivacious Womanhood57
Barbell Exercise Pays OffJohn Fritshe58
Bust - Pectorals - Sweater GirlAlyce Yarick60
A New Deal With DumbellsPamela Lewis62

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