IronMan, Volume 12 Number 2

Table of Contents

EditorialPeary Rader5
1952 National Weight Lifting ChampionshipsPeary Rader6
Mr. America for 1952Jerry Ross12
I Tried The Rader Chest PullBruce Page16
How To Clean and Jerk Maximum PoundagesPeary Rader18
Super Forearms, The Mark of A ManJohn McWilliams22
Developing A Strength Show, part 324
Training Methods of Hermann GeornerEdgar Mueller25
Your Complete Barbell Training Program, part 3Peary Rader28
A Review of the Role of Protein in NutritionCharles Ross31
The Jim Park Success StoryTom Houran32
Readers Roundup36
Vivacious Womanhood57
Your Figure Is Your FortuneBeverly Crowle58
Should Women Lift CompetitivelyLynne Kendrick60

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