IronMan, Volume 12 Number 1

Table of Contents

EditorialPeary Rader5
Jr. Nationals and Jr. Mr. AmericaBob Hise6
Your Complete Barbell Training Program, part 2Peary Rader8
Dennis Winn - New British SupermanJohn Valentine10
Training Methods of Hermann GeornerEdgar Mueller11
How Parks Won "Mr. Chicago" TitleIrvin Johnson14
The Case of Ronnie SalvaggioIrvin Johnson16
Developing A Strength Show, part 217
Let's Swing It Man!D M Lewis18
How To Clean and Jerk Maximum Poundages20
The Amazing Gains of Norman FayM L Kirchner22
Wesley Williams, Credit To His RaceBenton Pride26
Meet Herb BridgefordRonnie Bye27
Research DepartmentCharles Ross28
Don't Be HandicappedJohn M Hauf30
Photo Spread - Tommy Kono32
Readers Roundup34
Vivacious Womanhood57
Is There A Magic Clue?Peggy O'Neil58
Designed For WhistlesLynne Kendrick60

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