IronMan, Volume 11 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - Looking BackPeary Rader7
Keith Stephen, A New SupermanLeo Stern8
Triceps Development for Massive ArmsJohn McWilliams10
The Secrets of Steinborn's StrengthBenton Pride14
How To Run Long DistancesPaul Simpson17
Comments on the World Championship Meet18
The Shoulders and Calves Have ItIrvin Johnson20
Over the Hill, The Case of the Older ManD M Lewis25
Have You Tried Daily Training?A Maurice Brandler26
Unknown Greats No 1 - Bud MucciPeg Redpath27
It Seems Impossible But -Dan Blue28
Handicaps Conquered, Story of Bill SloanMartin J Weidemann30
The Question Box34
Readers Roundup35
Vivacious Womanhood39
Reducing With Weight TrainingAnnie Laurie Willard40
Food For ThoughtPeggy O'Neil44
Solving Your Figure Problems46

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