IronMan, Volume 11 Number 4

Table of Contents

Editorial - A New Department in Iron ManPeary Rader7
Introducing Robert ShealyFrank Oshima8
Building Builging BicepsIrvin Johnson10
Goerner, The MightyEdgar Mueller14
The Priceless IngredientHarry B Paschall18
Other Leg ExercisesVal Pasqua22
Old Joe TaylorGeorge Mair24
Developing the Chest Through Rib Box ExpansionPeary Rader26
Strength And Physique Shows and How To Conduct ThemPinky Rosenberg27
My Visit To The Johnson StudioPeary Rader28
The Effect of Weight Lifting On Speed of Muscular ContractionsWilliam S Zorbas, Dr P Karpovich30
A Complete Course In WrestlingRobert L Jones31
Readers Roundup33
Vivacious Womanhood35
Training For Expectant MothersPeg Redpath36
Beautiful Hips and ThighsAnnie Laurie Willard38
Food For ThoughtPeggy O'Neil40
Make Health Your BodyBeverly Crowle42

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