IronMan, Volume 11 Number 1

Table of Contents

EditorialPeary Rader5
Can He Become The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived? Doug HepburnRay Beck6
How To Use The Curl For Complete DevelopmentPeary Rader9
Anthony Vega - Conquers Handicap12
Want A Big Chest? Then You'll Have to Work For It!Val Pasqua14
Lift More Weight With The Two Hands Continental16
A Harness For Leg PowerM L Kirchner18
Singing In the ShowerAjax20
The Squat Snatch Is BestLarry Barnholth22
Man Of The Month - Clark Coffy24
Research DepartmentMaurice Uzick26
This 'N That27
Bodybuilding and "B" ComplexIrvin Johnson29

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