IronMan, Volume 10 Number 6

Table of Contents

Guest EditorialJohn McWilliams5
World Weight Lifting Championships and "Mr World" ContestJohn Dawe6
Chinning For Ultra DevelopmentPeary Rader10
Why Run?Paul Simpson14
Hypnotism For StrengthRobert Lord15
Psychology and ExerciseDr C M Douthitt16
Bodybuilding On South Sea IslandEric W Askew18
A Basic Exercise ProgramCharles Ross20
VitalityPhillip E Spooner21
A Complete Course In WrestlingRobert L Jones23
Lifting In IndustryEdward Zercher27
Building Bigger Biceps Faster With Food SupplementsIrvin Johnson28
Opportunity EverywhereJames S Todd29
The Question Box30
Readers Roundup32
Cripus Maltese - Unknown StrongmanBenton Pride34
American Physical Improvement Notes35
Meet Miss RoebuckPeggy Gironda37
So You Don't Want MusclesPeg Redpath39
Meet The Staff40
Women as Competitive LiftersBeverly Crowle42
Weight Training For Women?Annie Laurie Willard44

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