IronMan, Volume 8 Number 5

Table of Contents

Editorial - A Plea For Balanced ProgramsPeary Rader5
Inspiring Story of Jim SmithJim Smith7
Specialization For Back DevelopmentHal Stephens8
The Man On The Cover - Hal Stephens8
JIm Bradford - Future ChampAl Iannone12
Secrets of Strength and Development - Frequency of WorkoutsPeary Rader14
Brief Moments at the Olympic GamesJohn Valentine17
Develop Dead Lift PowerWilliam Boone18
Training For the Older ManPeary Rader20
Make It Yourself - The Roman ChairJack Johnston22
Beginners TroublesThomas Bruno23
Pictorial Display - Elias Rodriguez24
Physique Photography Dept Indoor LightingHal Stephens26
Who Is The Best Built Man of All Time?27
Solving Your ProblemsCharles A Smith28
Peewee Power House - Whitey AtkinCharles A Smith29
Physiology NotesCharles Rosenberg46

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