IronMan, Volume 8 Number 3

Table of Contents

Editorial - Who Will Win The Olympics?Peary Rader5
Mr Wester America - Jack Delinger7
Secrets of Strength and Development - Sleep, Rest, RelaxationPeary Rader9
Photography That is Different - Al Urban10
Can These Men Defeat DePietro?Peary Rader13
Developing Stubborn CalvesPeary Rader14
Who's Who In The Iron Game - Bob HoffmanPeary Rader16
Developing Great Strength With DKBWilliam Boone17
Let's Get ChestyJack Johnston22
Cartilage Mass Theory of DevelopmentJoseph Curtis Hise23
Pictorial Display - George Eiferman24
Physique PhotographyHal Stephens26
Beginners TroublesThomas Bruno28
Tony Terlazzo and His Health Studio29
Solving Your ProblemsCharles A Smith30
Final Olympic Tryouts31
The Reader Speaks32

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