IronMan, Volume 8 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - What Are Your Chances of Opening and Succeeding a Health StudioPeary Rader6
Mr America of 1948John Fritshe8
Do You Like This Issue?10
Health Publication List10
Working Out Hopper StyleRalph K Trotter11
Secrets of Strength and Development - Correct BreathingPeary Rader12
Who's Who in the Iron Game?Peary Rader14
Forearm DevelopmentPeary Rader15
The Story of William Boone17
How I Trained To Jerk 400 lbsWilliam Boone19
Sr Nationals and Mr America ContestJulian R West20
Pictorial Display - Clarence Ross24
Cartilage Mass Theory of GrowthJoseph Curtis Hise26
Physique PhotographyHal Stephens30
Introducing Walt MarcyanHoward E Smith32
Bert Assiratti, British SupermanCharles A Smith33
North Central Champs and Physique ContestGeorge Yacos34
Solving Your ProblemsCharles A Smith35
Jr National Championships35

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