IronMan, Volume 7 Number 2

Table of Contents

Editorial - Our Editorial PolicyPeary Rader3
Leo Stern, Mr CaliforniaHenry Fletcher5
Developing The TrapeziusPeary Rader8
Pictorial - Alan Stephan11
The Three Sets SystemJack Kent12
Pictorial - Robert Sarkisian13
The Chest Shaping Squat, part 2Thomas Bruno, Joseph Curtis Hise14
Joe DePietro - ChampionIan "Mac" Batchelor18
Bodybuilding In A Prisoner of War CampRichard E Derby21
Physique FlashesGerard Nisivoccia22
Don't Grow FatPeary Rader22
Hand Balancing Made EasyNorman E Fay26
Stunts and Strongman FeatsHarold Ansorge28
Dips For DevelopmentMelvin Crosby30
Iron Game News31
Weight Training At Purdue University35
The Professional Weight LifterBob Mitchell36
Professional Lifting Show, Los AngelesBob Mitchell38
Denver Lifter's PicnicPeary Rader39
Flash - Professional "Mr. Ameirca" Contest39

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