IronMan, Volume 6 Number 3

Table of Contents

National Lifting Championships, Mr America 1945Norman E Faysup-1
Results of Jr. Natssup-4
Editorial - Physical Culture As A Profession, Entering The Equipment Business3
Pictorial - Joe Thaler4
The Theory of Body TypesJohn F Barrs5
Lattissimus DevelopmentPeary Rader6
Dead Lift For PowerRoger Eells9
The Hise Deltoid ExerciseJoseph Curtis Hise10
Strength And Development With The "Bent Press"Harold Ansorge12
With Our P.C. Studios15
Beginner's AdviceChester O Teegarden18
Pictorial - Rudy Gambacorta19
Muscle Building Without Special Apparatus20
Muscle Men of MaineRobert Nealey21

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