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New Muscle Memory Wiki

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

I’ve added a new feature to MuscleMemory: Wiki .

A wiki is a community document, where everyone can contribute. You can create new pages, or edit already existing pages. Perhaps the most popular wiki is Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia where anyone can write about any topic. Here are the bodybuilding topics already covered there. Hardly anything at all.

The MuscleMemory Wiki will be about bodybuilding, of course. The goal is to have biographical articles about all the major figures, historical and current. But other topics can be covered, nutrition, training methods, politics, etc. Its up to you. If you have a favorite bodybuilder, feel free to create a wiki page about him or her, or add to an existing page.

The wiki will also allow you to write about yourself. If you are already in the MuscleMemory database, you can create a wiki page to tell about yourself, list other contests not covered by the database, even about your achievements in other sports. Once you’ve created a wiki page, email me, and I will link it to your name in the database so that a Wiki icon appears on your contest page.

To create a new page, you just append the topic name to the URL in your browser, for example

Capitalize each word, but don’t add spaces. For example

If that page does not exist, a new one will be created.

Note that you must register and log in to edit a page. To create a new account, just enter a name and password (at least six characters) in the login form.

This wiki will be successful only if everyone contributes.