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Pro Contests

Monday, November 22nd, 2004

The 2005 IFBB Pro Schedule is out.

No Show of Strength. No Night of Champions. No Masters Olympia. No Jan Tana.

For the men, 6 contest in North America, 4 in Europe, one in Australia.

For women’s bodybuilding, only four contests are listed: 3 in North America and one in Europe.

Women’s fitness, 6 contests, all in the US.

Women’s figure, 12 contests, all in the US. The funny thing is that many of these women’s figure pro contests are held in conjunction with NPC amateur shows. I attended the prejudging for a few of these contests this year. It seemed to me that there were two very distinct audiences. The audience for the amateur events took a break while the pros were being judged, and the audience for the pros didn’t arrive until just before the women went on stage, and left immediately afterward.

I wonder how they’re able to combine NPC and IFBB events. Did you know that the NPC is considered a public charity? See,,id=15053,00.html and enter physique for the name and Pittsburgh, PA for the city and state. None of the other major amateur bodybuilding organizations seem to be listed. (Thanks to NubianMuscle at getbig for this info.)

Clearly the IFBB is a money making business. One would think that cross promotion between the organizations would cause problems. The IFBB can promote the NPC all it wants, but one would think there would be limitations on what the NPC can do for the IFBB. The way the NPC website promotes IFBB events should be enough to put their charity status at risk.