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IFBB World Amateur Championships

Tuesday, November 9th, 2004

The IFBB Men’s World Amateur Championships were held this weekend in Russia. Complete results at Musclememory. Note they’re not official until the drug tests come back. The Women’s Championships had occurred a few months ago. The Men’s Junior and Masters had also occurred the first week in October, but are included with the men’s results.

Only one American in this weekend’s contest: Victor Roman of Puerto Rico placed 15th in the Bantamweight class.

Lots of photos available at Look for 08.11.04, 06.11.04, and 05.11.04 on the lower left side. There are even some video clips there.

This contest is drug tested. Its amazing what “natural” looks like today. (In 2002, 14 of the top 18 (top three in each of 6 classes) failed the drug test. In 2003 it was 13 of the top 35 (top 5 in each of 7 classes).)

Also be sure to read my previous blog entery on whether this is the 58th or 42nd World Amateur Championships.