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Australian Ironman

Friday, August 13th, 2004

For everyone in Australia, be sure to read the September issue of Ironman Magazine on newstands now, specifically pages 106-109. There’s a nice article about me and the Muscle Memory website. Thanks to Daniel Nash for thinking this story was worth telling, and for sending me a few copies of the magazine.

There are a few lines in the article that I would have stated slightly differently. For example, “Almost all of the 65,000 entries on MuscleMemory have come from magazines.” While in the 1950′s and into the 1970′s, even local contests got mentioned in the back of magazines like Strength and Health, we’re lucky if national level contests receive any coverage today. While most of the vintage results in my database came from magazines, almost all of recent contest results have come from other websites. Also, about 10,000 entries came from Harry de Jonge, who had created his own personal database in the mid 1990′s. His contributions almost doubled the size of my database at the time.

Also, I believe in the quote I gave regarding drugs in the 1990s destroying the aesthetics of bodybuilding, I said “growth hormone, insulin and diuretics”. But that’s a minor point.

And everyone whom I’ve shown the article to has commented on the same thing. In the article they use my last name 15 times, but only mentions my first name once, such as “Fogarty said” and “Fogarty believes”. In the US it would be more common to use one’s first name. The last time anyone called me by just my last name was high school gym class.

FOLLOW-UP: It was pointed out that I’m mentioned in the Editorial as well. Very cool.

Team Universe

Sunday, August 8th, 2004

Kai Greene wins the overall for this year’s NPC Team Universe, held last night in New York City. Kai also won it in 1999. Vickie Nixon wins the women. Complete results for men and women.

Its been two weeks since the NPC Teen, Collegiate, and Masters Nationals, and I’ve still been unable to obtain complete results. The time to start advertising next year’s contest is the day after this year’s event, and the way to do that is to publicize this year’s results.

Snake Oil Revisted: Creatine Serum

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004

In an Auckland New Zealand district court, Muscle Marketing USA has been fined $70,000 NZD (about $45,000 USD) for false claims about their Creatine Serum. Muscle Marketing claims that each 5 ml serving contains “the equivalent of” 2500 mg of creatine monohydrate. Analysis showed the product only contained 11.5 mg per dose.