New and Improved

I’ve moved MuscleMemory to a new ISP. Besides saving money, I have more resources to play with, more disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, php and tomcat. You might not see too many differences for a while, but things should be easier for me to maintain.

One immediate change is that I’ve switch the blog software from MovableType to WordPress. That should mean less spam for me to delete. One nice feature of WordPress is that it allows multiple authors on the same blog. I’m hoping to find others to contribute to the MuscleMemory blog. If you’d like to write about what’s happening in bodybuilding in your part of the world, drop me an email.

3 Responses to “ New and Improved ”

  1. Steve Wallace Says:

    Very nice new look, Tim. Simple, elegant, easy to read.

  2. Rodrigo Says:

    you wrote about bodybuilding in our part of the world. I’m in Amazonas, and I should tell you there are impressive guys here, in Manaus and inside country. I’m planning to photograph them, if you can suggest me anything, I would like to keep in touch.


  3. Jim Ritter Says:

    I have just come in the possesion of some pic’s from my Dad who was in the south Pacific in WW2. There was a man named Benedict V. Okolowick (nicknamed “Okie”) that I have pic’s of lifting homemade barbells on the islands made out of truck axels. My Dad is five years deceased but I have been trying to research things through his momentos. Could this be the missing 1946 Okolowick in your archives? please respond if you get the chance. I have no idea where he was from so I can’t help you with that.

    Jim Ritter