Gordon Wong, Paul DeMayo

Gordon Wong died on May 24, 2005. He was 63. More information at Graphic Muscle

Paul DeMayo died yesterday. He was 37.

10 Responses to “ Gordon Wong, Paul DeMayo ”

  1. muscularsushi Says:

    I can’t believe that Paul has died. He was quite young. How did he die?

    The guy had the best legs – right up there with Tom Platz. He will be missed.

  2. Don Says:

    Paul was an incredible athlete. He had such a stellar amateur career and his few pro outings were a little disappointing and then he disappeared. I have heard lots of rumors about him—personal demons, drug problems, he was an insane jerk, the gamut. I do know the one time I met him he was very personable and professional. It was at a promotional event but I was impressed by both his physical presence and what seemed to be a genuine and sincere nature.

    I feel very sad that that young man is now dead.

  3. Rick Says:

    So… what’s the source for this information? Can’t find a single mention of his death or an obit with a google search.

  4. GC Says:

    Paul died from a heroin overdose. Apparently he has serious substance abuse problems. This is really sad…

  5. Chris Says:

    I remember seeing Paul on the beach at Venice in 1992. I immediately noticed him because of his good looks and incredible thigh development… just incredible! It’s unfortunate that so many young men have challenged their insecurities first at the end of a needle of steroids and in many cases, something larger that results in death… sad, pitiful…

  6. tim Says:

    Paul DeMayo died of a heroin overdose. It had nothing to do with steroids. Many others who have never used steroids have also died of heroin. You cannot blame his death on bodybuilding or bodybuilding drugs.

  7. Abram Says:

    Very tru Tim.

    Chris is just full of shit.

  8. john caldarelli Says:

    Demayo was a good kid from new england who came up with many of the young guns from new england.
    some of us live and learn and then live some more.
    some don’t. we never really hit it off, but I sure respected his abilities as a bodybuilder.
    rest in peace i wish the iron could have carried you through!
    John Lync Caldarelli

  9. Steve B. Says:

    I am amazed at how hard bodybuilders work to get themselves into shape, and I am sure Paul DeMayo was no different. Even after his sad passing, his photos will inspire others to work just as hard, and that a muscular body isn’t the only reason to work out, but good health is a result of it too. Rest in peace Paul.

  10. pompom Says:

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