Arnold Classic

Dexter Jackson wins the Arnold Classic, Chris Cormier second, Gustavo Badell third. Complete results here.

Yaxeni Oriquen and Branda Raganot won the heavy and lightweight classes for the Ms International. Jenny Lynn took the figure over Monica Brant. Complete results here.

Since steroids have been in the news of late, the Arnold Classic has received more than the normal amount of press. The article, Schwarzenegger Urges Steroid Crackdown is a good example of the mis- and dis- information. For example,

Experts on bodybuilding and steroids say steroid use is common among elite bodybuilders. Athletes are not tested at events, and experts say the IFBB’s random testing is inadequate and ineffective.

No, steroid use is common among bodybuilder who’ve never competed. They’re mandatory to compete at the local amateur level. National level amateurs today use more performance enhancing drugs than any of the pro bodybuilders did in the 1970s and into the 1980s.

The IFBB’s random drug testing is for diuretics, not anabolic steroids, growth hormone, insulin, or any of the other drugs and chemicals that pro bodybuilders use. When the press reports that the IFBB does perform drug tests without mentioning what test they do, they imply that the IFBB is really trying to prevent their athletes from using performance enhancing drugs. That is not the case.

Now if I were a reporter in the MSM, the question I would ask Governor Schwarzenegger:

“You say that you used steroids during your bodybuilding career, which ended in 1980, but that steroids were not controlled substances at that time. This implies that you haven’t used steroids since. Yet you continued to have a bodybuilder’s physique in all your Conan movies, in all your Terminator movies, in any movie where you took off your shirt. Did you use anabolic steroids to prepare for these movie roles?”

4 Responses to “ Arnold Classic ”

  1. Don Says:

    Good question for Schwarzenegger but he would euphemistically slither away from it, I bet. I find most supporters of Arnold resent people trying to besmirch his name anyway (the same is true of our current President) any criticism is greeted with derision even if it is about important lapses in policy or a clear misleading of the public. Many people do not want to hear bad things about these guys no matter how knee deep in it they are.

  2. Lee Says:

    If truthful, Mr. Schwarzenegger might say something along these lines: “Of course. How else do you think a 50+ year old has a better body than most 25 yr. old gymrats?”.
    But President Schwarzenegger has much to think about, before actually saying it that way…

  3. Michael Bickham Says:

    in his day arnold schwazzeneger was probably the greatest athlete of all time but please put him to one side ronnie coleman is num 1 no one will ever beat him

  4. Maria Dalton Says:

    I was checking on search engines to see how they list my website and stumbled on your site.

    Thank you for taking the time to have “Muscle Memory” for amatuer atheletes too!

    About Gov. Schwarzenegger, he has used steroids . We all know that. I hope he practices what he preaches NOW.

    As a trainer and a female, I study fads, drugs, ephedra, Botox…….anything that sells to make one become that “PERFECT BODY”.
    I am asked by new clients , “I want to look like …this celebrity in 2 months.”. I explain to them , “It is their job to look good . Their lives are scheduled by managers, trainers, nutritionists, doctors..etc. So, they can stay in their field being top of the list in the movies (ex. Conan the Barbarian) , music field and/ or any other media.

    I have been the the Arnold Classic since 2002, 4 years consecutively. I am also a Chiropractor…(Staying healthy naturally). I take part of the Chiropractic Fitness Seminars. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger attends every year and speaks approximately 20 mins . He has talked about steroids . He includes children’s health and how we need to educate them.

    He visits every event he has, approx 30 within 3 – 4 days. This year (2006) he was late for the men’s bodybuilding “Arnold Classic” because he was attending a Cal. police funeral which he had served in IRAQ.

    So, it is horrible that he did steroids. But, it is beautiful that he has shared this knowledge and is helping people, children to understand the dangers of these drugs and the opportunity to be healthy through fitness.


    He also does a seminar “open floor for questions” for the trainers on Sunday . Prior to him as Gov. , I got first row and a few seats away from the podium which he stood. Now, you hope you can get there early enough to sit !

    He mentioned one seminar, “These bodybuilders are so big, they can hardly move. This is why I included another award – Best Poser. ” He mentioned back in the days how the body was to look like a Greek God . How the body could perform “The Vacuum”. He brought up briefly about steroids.

    He introduces each winner of the main events for open questions to the floor . He mentioned that the female bodybuilders could beat him back in the days.

    My questions are to you (those who commented and are against steroids) ,

    “Did you see -Conan the Barbarian,and made you believe he was a super being and it made you work-out better, or maybe want to have more muscle?

    Do you look at all the fitness models and especially the “NEW -Female sport” Figure competitors and need a double take?(PS, PS…they are known to use diuretics and so called fat burners unknown to over the counter! PLUS…surgical enhancements..Breast implants which is and eye opener)

    Do you buy magazines that have bodybuilders enhanced thru some type of drug?

    LAST QUESTION: Would you be interested as much in all the situations/ medias above if they looked like ” The natural bodybuilder”?

    I am anti-steroids and I promote fitness naturally in OUR world.

    I fall for the ads looking at models wanting to have that shape at all time. EX: Farhenheit ads!

    But, I do a reality check , what is healthy , what is real and best for me in the long run?… which is different for others.

    -(INBF)Former Natural Amateur Bodybuilder & Fitness competitor , Pro Natural Figure competitor, Judge , model in “Arnold Classic ” Fashion show and presently coaching natural bodybuilders, fitness and figure competitors. – Dr. Maria L. Dalton