Not as popular as I thought

So for my second interactive survey, I was going to ask how many of you use RSS to be notified when something new gets posted to the MuscleMemory blog. But anyone using RSS would have answered last week’s survey question within a day or two. In one week, only 15 people have answered the survey!

Now, the webstats that I get from my service provider shows that I receive 9000 unique visitors this past week. But the blog is not being visited. The rss feed was downloaded 1327 times, but for services like bloglines which download it once an hour, 1300 downloads is only 7 aggregators.

This week, I created a new website for NABBA Mexico. They had been at geocities. I created the layout and the php scripts. Since I don’t speak spanish, I’m waiting for them to write the text. I will still be adding a blog and a forum. Now if I could just get IFBB Mexico to hire me to create a website for them….

3 Responses to “ Not as popular as I thought ”

  1. Thor Nygaard Says:

    Perhaps, for all the non-computer-geeks out there, you might explain what “RSS” is and how to use it to be notified when something new gets posted to the MuscleMemory blog. – Thor

    P. S. I rather suspect a lot of members who use your Web site don’t know what a “blog” is. I note that it was the number one word in 2004 that people inquired about for a definition on the online Merriam-Webster unabridged dictionary.

  2. Wade Bachelder Says:

    I use your RSS feed for my bodybuilding website. under the headlines tab, however i dont check the feeds that often. I have a few other feeds on that page as well. For use of the RSS feed your users will have to know how to extract that data. I created a script in cold fusion to be able to do this. Any ways I am one person who is using your RSS feed.

  3. tim Says:

    I do have brief description of RSS on my What’s New page, but I will look at expanding it.

    Most people would use an RSS application to automatically look for updates. Mozilla Firefox can do this. Many websites will do it too, such as bloglines, which is how I read all my RSS feeds. Even will keep track of RSS feeds.