Survey: Bodybuilding Asthetics

Here is a quick two question survey for you. Right now I have it limited to one vote per IP address, so if you’re behind a firewall at work, you may be out of luck.

3 Responses to “ Survey: Bodybuilding Asthetics ”

  1. Don Says:

    Hmmmm interesting question. It works on the assumption that bodybuilding aesthetics have been destroyed. A lot of bodybuilding fans love the “freaks” who probably have indulged in most of what’s on your list. Were bodybuilding aesthetics enhanced or destroyed by ‘roids? I’ve always been a big fan of Reg Park but I also am a fan of Mike Mentzer,Bob Paris and Porter Cottrell who are obviously the products of steroids. A third question would be what era represents the best era for bodybuilding aesthetics. If people answer the Yates/Coleman era you can be pretty sure that they don’t feel that the aesthetics have been destroyed but rather enhanced.

    I know for many people bodybuilding has often been seen as a freak show even for an athlete as aesthetic as Steve Reeves. It is only recently that muscle has become part of the main stream aesthetic.

  2. curtus kiddy Says:

    i am young in the sport of bodybuilding, and wish to be the best amature or even go pro some day. i try to get as much as i can as far as wisdom and intelegence in the sport i love. the discipline is really what i love along with the pain, and a sucessful workout. knowing that i am some what better than i was before. if you could give some of the knowledge or point me in the right direction i would be much abliged.
    right now i am 20 years old and resemble the great arnold i have trained by the guidence in his books along with others. through trial and error i have reached 5foot 7 whith a 31 inch waistline and a 56 inch chest i am well proportion to which i proclaim my disciplined eating habits i have met some peple through my time in korea (im in the military) that have helped me they have the amature body bulder and i have trained with this past coms mr and ms korea and i know in time i will beat them i am 20 but already have my muscle structure but im not perfect yet that when i looked to aesthetics for help and it has already improved my mental state powering my workouts if you could help i would be greatful and youll see me on stage some day

  3. sachin Says:

    hy iam sachin from india. iam 25years and dtarted my b.bulding at the age of 23. need some tips as climate in india is not that good as ca