Shawn Ray resigns as IFBB Athletic Rep

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January 2nd, 2005

Dear IFBB Pro Men,

First I want to say, “Happy New Year” to each and everyone of you and may all your dreams and goals come true in the coming year!

As you all know, I had to get 98 Signatures (Majority Vote) of the Registered Athletes in 2003 to become the Athlete Representative for 2004 to 2006. That being said, there are 3 Official Meetings per/ yr. where the Issues, Concerns, Problems and Changes can be dealt with. I have personally spoken with those of you who had serious problems and concerns, as they related directly or indirectly with matters of:

Prize Money, Judges, Pay Per View, Promoters Failure to Pay, Contest Entry Deadlines, Score Sheets and other issues that needed the attention of the the federation or issues that needed a response by the federation.

Well, some Athletes responded with feedback for me to place on the table with the federation, while others didn’t respond to any issues or complaints that related to them.

This year, most of you were expecting a response from me following the Mr. Olympia regarding the final “Issues & Concerns” that were to be placed before the other Officials and the federation Vice President. I forwarded the detailed items to Jim Manion, the IFBB Vice President 8 weeks prior to the Olympia Weekend and we were to go over them at the Mr. Olympia Meeting prior to the contest with other Representives and Officials. I received an Email from an IFBB Official Representative that had the “Formal Representative Meeting” starting at 9pm Wendsday evening after the Athletes Meeting.

However, when I showed up for the Men’s Meeting starting at 7:30pm, I was told the Official & Representative Meeting began at 4:30pm and was over. I was also told I should have received and Email stating the “Change of Time” on my computer. Sadly, I never did receive an email and or a phone call stating the change.

I was told I would receive the “Minutes” regarding the meeting, however I have yet to hear or see anything that happend or was addressed regarding the issues you guys wanted me to address?

It is for this reason, I feel the position of “Athlete Representative” for me does not carry equal balance for you the Athletes in regard to the federation and promoters.

Therefore, I removing myself from the position of “Athlete Representative” effective immediatly. I feel I am not able to effectively have the issues that need immediate attention addressed by the federation to aide and assist you in your professional careers.

I wish you all continued success and best wishes!


Shawn Ray

4 Responses to “ Shawn Ray resigns as IFBB Athletic Rep ”

  1. GClifton Says:

    I’m not surprised to see Shawn resigning as IFBB Athletic Rep. It’s a thankless job. It’s also pretty obvious the “changed time” of that meeting and not extending him the courtesy of notification of the change was deliberate. They did not want him there.

    In 2005 the IFBB is still run like a mom-and-pop store and are very resentful of anyone trying to alter their agenda. A select few call the shots. Change is very threatening to them. Shawn Ray represented a part of that change.

    The bodybuilders themselves need to understand and realize that were it not for them (the bodybuilders) there would be no IFBB, no competitions, no magazines, and so on.

    Hopefully someone will pick up the ball and carry on. Representation of the bodybuilders is desperately needed. They need a voice. They’ve been getting a raw deal for years!

  2. Says:

    Well that was an interesting way of forcing out the Athletes Rep but I am dissapointed that Shawn simply rolled over. Certainly there must be some course of action he could have taken legally. As the rep I would imagine he could file some sort of legal suit. Is there no bodybuilding legal hound out there willing to look into this? As the rep Shaw in entitled to participation and at the very least the minutes. I think the next rep needs to have some sort of budget. Are there no by-laws in the IFBB? Now that would be plain silly. Even a student council has by-laws.

  3. Don Says:

    After Shawn Ray made the very good point that all competitors in the Olympia deserve some financial compensation for their efforts (as would befit almost any other competing athlete within a PROFESSIONAL sports organization) I was expecting great things from him as an athlete rep. He’s outspoken, articulate, intelligent, popular and one hell of a good athlete. Seeing him frozen out and simply bowing out without taking any obvious agressive action is a disappointment.

    Many of the IFBB athletes are regularly screwed over and deserve a better deal than their getting. It’s obvious from this and the cancellations of Night of the Champions and the Masters Olympia contests though that the current management is not interested in making either the fans or the athletes happy. I’m thinking this kind of short sighted thinking is going to hurt the organization in the long term. I hope they can turn it around and prove me wrong though!!

  4. GClifton Says:

    While I am saddened by Shawn’s departure I understand his choice to leave. Shawn Ray is no dummy! I’m certain the man took an long overview of the situation and decided this was a no-win deal and it just wasn’t a battle worth pursuing. Mr. Ray even stated on his own website that this position needs to be filled by an attorney. Only the law can navigate the unwritten political stronghold that grips the IFBB and produce change.

    My concern is where does Shawn go from here? Back to competing? Forget it! After taking on the IFBB and challenging their agenda & politics, do you honestly think they would put this whole episode behind them and judge him fairly in any competition? If there is one thing I have observed and learned about the IFBB is that when you cross them, they know how hold a grudge.