Fools and Money

I get email. I get lots of email. Most of it is spam, of course. Some of it is “You forgot my 2003 8th place finish in the something-or-other Championships.” Much of it is “I think our websites are a good match. I’ve placed a link to your site on my links page, along with a couple thousand other links. Will you list a link to my teeth-whitening or penis-extending site? If not, I’ll remove your site from mine.”

Then today, I get an email offering me to be a distributor for this new and exciting product, endorsed by Ronnie Coleman.

I go to the site, and the product is a set of patches that you place on your skin. Oh, I think, another homeopathic concentration of growth hormone, or something like that. But, no, not even that. From their website:

  • Convenient Non-Transdermal patch; nothing enters the body
  • Constructed from water, Oxygen and amino acids sealed inside a plastic shell

So it’s not a transdermal patch. Its a NON-transdermal patch. Nothing enters the body. You wear two pieces of plastic with water and amino acids inside.

Then they go on to talk about “passively interact with the human body for the purpose of inducing electron flow and thermomagnetic frequency modulation.”

Now I took quite a bit of [physics] in college, and I don’t remember any mention of thermomagnetic frequency modulation. So I googled it. Thermomagnetic is the conversion of heat directly to electricity. The term is usually used regarding superconductors, ceramics at very cold temperatures, -200 degrees and below, where electricity flows without resistance. Frequency Modulation is a method to place information in a signal, by modulating the frequency. You know, like FM radio. No where is the term “thermomagnetic frequency modulation” used anywhere on the web other than with regards to this product. There are no examples of frequency modulation, thermomagnetic or not, in biological systems. I know of no examples of the thermomagnetic conversion of heat to electricity in the human body. (Please let me know of any.)

And how does one passively interact with anything? I think that qualifies as an oxymoron.

As part of their news items, they state the product is once again proven to be non-transdermal! Yeah, well, hard plastic will do that.

If pieces of plastic filled with water, oxygen and amino acids have an effect on the human body, what has my soft contact lenses been doing to me all these years? How much of an effect would a bottle of Gatorade stuck down your pants have?

We are truly an illiterate society.

5 Responses to “ Fools and Money ”

  1. Don Says:

    I would say rather than illiterate–ignorant. We can read the words we just don’t know what they mean. Throwing around meaningless jargon has been an effective sales technique from time immemorial. In a free trade atmosphere education is the best defense. However, our public education system, including the universities, are getting cut right and left because—-people who support free trade don’t support the taxation that these institutions exist on and so our infrastructure disintegrates.

  2. Heracles Says:

    Somehow I feel a lot better knowing that this contraption is endorsed by Ronnie Coleman.

    Amusing typo: “I took quite a bit of physiques in college (…)”


  3. Kevin Says:

    Well, the proof is in the pudding my friend. YOU be the judge collect ALL the facts. After you’ve done that…THEN let me know. I’ll give you a head start watch this short movie

  4. tim Says:

    Wow, great use of flash. But it provides no facts. “what if, what if, what if.” In fact, it spends more time selling the multi-level marketing than it does the actual product.

    Being sold via multi-level marketing (network marketing) is a red flag in itself. MLM is where you’re more interested in getting people to sign up to sell the product (filling in your down-line or down-stream or something) than you are in actually selling the product. It’s like a pyramid scheme, where you make money from people joining your network.

    Blue-green algae anyone?

  5. xaanor Says:

    MLM is always a con. The only people who make any profit are the first ones in the MLM conning the rest of the mindless sheep into parting with their money.

    The founders are usually unscrupulous frauds who make their pile delivering unsubstantiated hype and who could sell SHIT (which it indeed mainly is)if it were suitably packaged.

    A usual ploy is to PAY names to ‘endorse’ the product, with which otherwise they wouldn’t be seen dead.