more Roid Madness – Governator Style

Lots of articles in newspapers about steroids. On thing I can’t let go by:

Legislator will try again to pass laws curbing steroid use

Schwarzenegger spokeswoman Terri Carbaugh. [said,] “Governor Schwarzenegger personally stated that he had, in fact, used steroids as a youth. But had he known then what he knows now, he would have steered clear.”

So, the governor considers 43 as being a youth, as that’s how old he was when he did Total Recal and Terminator 2.

And don’t think for a second that if a 16 year old Arnold knew what he knows now, that he would choose not to use steroids, as that would mean that he would choose not to be a bodybuilder, not to be Mr Universer, not to be Mr Olympia.

Don’t know if politicians are all the same, but spokespersons for politicians are.

One Response to “ more Roid Madness – Governator Style ”

  1. Don Says:

    Because of the tenor of our times and particularly because of the political party that Arnold represents (his give business everything is solidly Republican although his social outlook is decidly more left leaning than most Republicans) make his political career a peculiar high wire act. He is quite legitimately linked with contests in which performance enhancing drugs are very obviously a big component and yet he needs to clean and starch his image and make disingenuous statements.
    It would be refreshing if he would try to use his clout to educate the country on what the most dangerous performance enhancing substances are and the actual ways they are being abused. Certainly, one can mostly see ignorance and misapplied legislation in the current “war” against these substances.