2004 NABBA Universe

The results for this past weekend’s NABBA Universe (the “real” Mr Universe) have been entered into the database. Steve Sinton of the UK won the amateur men’s, Hassan Al Saka of Syria, last year’s amateur winner, won the Pro Universe, Sandra Watershoot of Belgium won the women’s physique, and Lorena Bucci of Italy won the Figure. James (Flex) Lewis of Wales won the Junior, Brian Peters also of Wales won the Masters. Sixty-one year old John Citrone, who entered his first NABBA Universe in 1964, and won his class four times in the 1960s, this year won the Masters over 50. Ben Rodriguez had the best American showing, placing fourth in the Masters.

Complete results: amateur, pro, and women.

Update: Spelling correction – the overall winner was Steve Sinton, who had also won the NABBA World Championships back in June

One Response to “ 2004 NABBA Universe ”

  1. ed Says:

    I am interested in a BB by the name of Vicente Selles. I believe this is how he spells his name.
    Also, I have pics of male model and Bb Steve Manley. Steve appeared at the 2000 Los Angeles Championships. He did not place though.