Another arrest

Pier cops bust big-time steroid pusher. Don’t recognize the name? Look closely at the t-shirt in the pic. Its Big Red HH, one of the moderators from the forum. Note that has since banned him from the board. Also they seemed to have deleted all postings regarding his arrest.

The news article claims that Jason Cholewa was a major dealer, but only found about $4000 of drugs in his apartment. Heck, if it were all steroids, he could probably claim it was for personal use. But there were other drugs there, including vicodin.

In all the recent bodybuilder drug busts, it seems that its the other drugs that really jack up the time for the crime. Here is a hint: if you’re going to deal steroids, don’t deal the other stuff. If you’re supplying someone with steroids for months or years and he suddenly starts harassing you to find him some ecstasy, tina, or pain killers, he’s probably setting you up.

BTW, the solution to the steroid drug problem is to repeal the part of the 1990 Steroid Control Act that makes it illegal for a medical doctor to prescribe steroids for performance enhancement or cosmetic purposes. Isn’t it better for people to take reasonable doses of steroids under a doctors supervision rather than buying who knows what off the black market?

And see the June 4 blog entry to see how compares to other on-line supplement resellers.

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