Shuffling the deck

The IFBB announces a reorganization of their pro division. DeMilia is out. Manion and Eric Weider are in. Exclusive relationship with AMI, the National Enquirer publishing company that recently bought all the Weider mags, including Flex and Muscle & Fitness.

But what pro contests will they run? The Olympia of course. But DeMilia’s is claiming ownership of the Night of Champions, the Hungarian Grand Prix, Toronto Pro Invitational, Grand Prix Russia, Dutch Grand Prix, British Grand Prix, Arnold Classic, San Francisco Pro Invitational, and Australian Grand Prix.

That leaves Show of Strength, Jan Tana, Southwest USA, Pittsburg Pro, and Ironman as IFBB events. But if they have an exclusive agreement with AMI, then they can hardly have a contest with Ironman Magazine, or perhaps Ironman will no longer want to deal with them.

And what does this exclusive agreement with AMI mean? That IFBB bodybuilders can only appear in Flex and M & F? That will drive everyone to real quick. That only AMI will receive press passes? So the reporters from Ironman and MMI will have to pay the $100 for their own ticket. That doesn’t prevent them from covering the contest in their magazine.

And if the IFBB doesn’t have any other major contests, how would you qualify for the Olympia?

If pro bodybuilders can enter contests run by either group without repercussions, then it really doesn’t mean anything at all. Otherwise the athletes will just enter the contests with the biggest purses. More money for the athletes certainly is a good thing.

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