Elbert Lytle wins Jr USA

Finally I was able to obtain the results of the NPC Jr USA. Complete results here. Thanks to Dan at Repetrope for sending them to me. Let’s see how many weeks before the results are posted to npcnewsonline.

I’m still trying to find the results for this year’s Wheelchair Nationals. Heck, I’m still trying to find last year’s complete results. If you have better luck than I in getting phone calls returned or emails answered, please give it a shot.

The IFBB Hungarian Pro Invitational is now listed on ifbb.com for June 5.

2 Responses to “ Elbert Lytle wins Jr USA ”

  1. Don Says:

    Congratulations!!–You were the first site that I found that had the info for this contest. The Junior contests often give us the first glimpse of guys that will be forces to reckon with on the National and sometimes the Pro scene. I remember the Jr USA was where I first saw Art Atwood. It’s also nice to see fresh faces and some of the guys who will never make it to the overexposed level. It’s too bad more people don’t pay attention!

    I wish there was a fast way to see Elbert Lytle and to see if he has much potential.

  2. Don Says:

    It’s been over a month and still no photos that I’ve found of Elbert Lytle anywhere. Does anyone have photos of him??