This weekend’s contests

There were many bodybuilding contests this weekend, including the IFBB Hungarian Pro Invitational, the NPC Junior USA, and many local contests. So far I’ve had limited success in finding results.

So far I’ve only found results for the women’s Jr USA and for the local contest in Orange County, California. The results for the women’s Jr USA I found at from a posting in usenet’s The Orange County results came from, where they are always quick to post California contests.

With major bodybuilding events, there often seems to be a race between various web sites on who can get the results posted first. Of course as soon as its posted in one location, all the other sites copy it. I know because typos on my site have appeared on other sites. That’s ok with me, because my site has an added value that no other site has: the relationships between the athletes and contests. Someone you’ve never heard of before places in the top 15 in an IFBB pro contest. Click on his name and you see what other contests he’s been in, perhaps he’s won some major WABBA or NABBA contests in Europe. For my site I don’t have to create the pages showing those relationships. Its done automatically when I add results from a contest to the database. (hence the name relational database ;^) )

In the previously mentioned graphicmuscle’s earlier incarnation, when it was a for-fee site of vintage photographs, many of their contest results were copied directly from my site. I know because when I have different athletes with the same name, I note them in the database by entering Smith, John [1] and Smith, John [2]. graphicmuscle copied results that included Smith, John [2] and listed it that way on their site without having a Smith, John [1]. That’s ok, its the web.

As I said, there seems to be a rush of sites posting results for major contests. I guess the Junior USA and the Hungarian Pro Invitational don’t count as major contests. Nothing yet on flexonline regarding the IFBB pro event. Nothing on ironmanmagzine. Nothing on usenet or yahoo groups.

I tried contacting one of the promoters of the Jr USA. I was told that the NPC national office will have the results…by the end of the week. Or I could just wait until it appears on, maybe in three weeks. I was then told “Internet press is no longer afforded press credentials unless attached to a magazine like Ironman, etc.”

First, I’m not the internet press, I’m a hobbyist with a (very popular) website. Second, how much press are you actually receiving from the mainstream magazines? There was a time when even local contests received a couple of inches in Strength & Health. Now you’re lucky if the four major amateur contests receive mention in one or two of the mags.

Clearly, some bodybuilding promoters don’t understand the web. They also don’t understand that the time to begin promoting next year’s contest is the day after this year’s contest, and the way to do that is to get this year’s results out to as many fans as possible. But that’s a topic for another blog posting.

One last rant for this posting: I don’t think the NPC understands the web either. On npcnewsonline, they sure are quick to post IFBB pro results, but rarely ever post NPC results. When they do, its usually 2-3 months after the event. At NPC New Online Contest results page they currently have 42 IFBB contest listings, listing physique, figure and fitness each separately, but only 21 NPC listings. This covering a 2.5 year period. When every website is an equal distance away, why do they think people would come to their site looking for IFBB pro events?

One Response to “ This weekend’s contests ”

  1. Steve Wallace Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. I don’t understand why the IFBB and NPC haven’t done more to maximize their exposure on the web. It’s a sad commentary when professional shows take days or weeks to have results reported, and a it’s an injustice to amateur competitors when results from their shows are never mentioned.

    It’s no surprise that independent sites are popping up all over the web, it’s just a shame that there’s a need for them in the first place.

    By the way, Tim, I hope those sites that use the old copy-and-paste routine are at least crediting you (or for the info. I know that many of the posts from my blog have been cropping up on other sites, sans attribution.