Mike Scarcella

AAU Mr America Mike Scarcella died August 25, 2003 from siezures due to GHB withdrawl. Shortly after his death there were stories of him dying while in police custody only hours after being arrested. This article paints a little more complicated, but no less tragic story.

For more info on GHB addiction, see projectghb.org.

One Response to “ Mike Scarcella ”

  1. Amber Says:

    None of you people knew Mike like I knew him. He was practecly my uncle, I met him when I was 4 and he died when I was 14 1/2. We always had differences and stuff, but I always loved my uncle Mike and my cousin Brock. He was a great person, and a good friend and he always looked out for me, and I miss him so much. I love you Uncle Mike!