Roid Madness, part 1

News items found elsewhere:

  • New grand jury convened in Iowa, Milos Sarcev’s home raided

    The grand jury subpoenas were served last week in the Greater Columbus Convention Center [during the Arnold Classic]. The subpoenas require the recipients to testify later this month, Collins said. The attorney said he believes at least five bodybuilders received subpoenaes.

  • Schwarzenegger Vows to Combat Steroid Use

    Governor Schwarzenegger, a self-confessed former steroid user (it was both legal and common practice when he used it), wants to clean up bodybuilding now. Recently named executive editor of Flex and Muscle, and Fitness magazines, he spoke to reporters on the steroid topic.

    He admitted that he used steroids to bulk up, but is now vowing to use his new position as editor of a muscle magazine to push for an end to steroid use in the sport, the San Jose Mercury News reported on Sunday.

  • Government intervention needed to clean up baseball

    Just look at the mutant creatures on the covers of bodybuilding magazines and tell me anabolic steroids don’t work.

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